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that grasshopper snatched the pebble ... and my hand! ... from my hand.


Are there any endangered insects?

Do you really care?

If it didn’t affect the food chain or cause some other environmental catastrophe, would you really miss insects?

People are always spraying, trapping, squishing, and zapping insects … if they aren’t screaming, waving arms, and slapping at them.

It’s like they don’t really like them all that much.

My heart flutters a bit thinking about a butterfly free world and my eyes dim a little imagining no fireflies, but I’d get over it and move on probably …  smelling  of something other than DEET .

Humans are pretty good at wiping out the big things on this planet, but we just don’t pay enough attention to the little things … luckily.


note: there don’t seem to be too many proud insectitarians out there.

double note: In Japan some people eat inago (grasshopper): they are quite tasty actually (seriously).
Cook them in a pot with soy sauce and sugar. It’s a nice side dish to spice up your rice! Yum!
Check them out here  … along with a bunch of other stuff some people supposedly eat over here. (not for the weak stomach crowd … you’ve been warned)



On Planetross: The Movesies and Nomovesies

movesies and nomovesies


On Planetross the movesies and nomovesies are very interesting.

There are waterclimbs and slowpids, small continents and large islands, tiny oceans and giant lakes, lush deserts and desolate sunforests, small mountains and large hills, barren jungles and outdoor caves, and many bottomless piles.

Zepanties and  goodbyepopotamuses roam free. 

Vegetable flies and manbugs buzz around rainflowers and dandetigers.

People plant trees in their gardens and harvest flowers to keep their houses warm.

Dragonwalks, grassstanders, cees and waterflies arrive in Spring.

Summer brings firemelons, cob on the corn, busrots, threematos, line-upcumbers, and something that looks like an orange but it’s blue.

Kangaroobarb, deflatekins, and chickenplants grow wild.

Fall falls and Winter wins.

There are 3 other seasons, but only people on the the small seas experience them; and they don’t talk about them much.

It’s all quite normal if you live here.


note: On Planetross is still orbiting.

double note: the spellcheck went crazy!!!

triple note: What came first the eggplant or the chickenpox?