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I buy stuff for the receipts.

If places just sold receipts, it would make life so much easier!


note: countries without a lot of resources have to be resourceful for some reason. I’m confused.


Today #126

Today was like a rollercoaster ride … I had my eyes closed for most of it.

Time Flies At A Standstill



Why does time seem to move so slow as a kid but move so quickly as an adult?

Maybe it’s like going to a new place for the first time: it feels like forever to get there, but the return trip goes by a lot faster.

For kids most things are new experiences and exciting.

“Are we there yet?”

For adults many things are the same and routine.

“Just a little further.”


I guess Time is similar to a rollercoaster ride: it starts slow, but once you start going over the hill it speeds up considerably.

… then it’s all white knuckles and screaming.


note: some people white knuckle it and scream through the slow part too.

double note: screaming in the line-up is premature.

triple note: if you believe in reincarnation, then you’re just going to go back and stand in line again.



A Rear View Point

The fish is an air freshner! ... but not fishy scented.


While at the front of a procession of cars,  I drove around a bend in the road.
Glancing in the rearview mirror a few seconds later, I noticed there were no cars behind me.
I guess someone was trying to turn on to a side road and everyone else had to stop.

It made me feel a little nervous and worried anyway.

This happened to me on a rollercoaster once, but I don’t think any side roads were involved.


note: Can rollercoaster cars fly?  That would explain a lot.

double note: if you turn your body around in a car and use a mirror to drive forward with, is that a “forward view mirror“?



A Little Bit More



I remember when the thing I wanted most in the world was to grow.

Only an inch; maybe a bit more.

I couldn’t wait. I wanted it now!

Pleasures couldn’t be consumated with out that extra little bit.

It wasn’t fair. Life had put a big obstacle in the path to my happiness.

I prayed nightly and measured daily; and when I least expected it, out of nowhere I gained that inch and achieved my goal:

tall enough to ride the rollercoaster!






note: P.N.E. Vancouver 1972. 5 times!!!!!

double note: I guess I have to worry about age restrictions next.

triple note: if I’d put up a picture of a rollercoaster, that would have given the game away.