A Little Bit More



I remember when the thing I wanted most in the world was to grow.

Only an inch; maybe a bit more.

I couldn’t wait. I wanted it now!

Pleasures couldn’t be consumated with out that extra little bit.

It wasn’t fair. Life had put a big obstacle in the path to my happiness.

I prayed nightly and measured daily; and when I least expected it, out of nowhere I gained that inch and achieved my goal:

tall enough to ride the rollercoaster!






note: P.N.E. Vancouver 1972. 5 times!!!!!

double note: I guess I have to worry about age restrictions next.

triple note: if I’d put up a picture of a rollercoaster, that would have given the game away.



4 responses to “A Little Bit More

  1. A big cyber-ow! in response to that image.

  2. You make me feel like such a perv! The illustration was WAY misleading. Shame on you, Planet Danger Ross!

  3. I remember those days. First, you could ride the bumper cars… THEN you had to wait to make the height requirement for the roller coaster.

    Then you find out that the bumper cars were more fun. Go figure.

    Well written. Almost a hiku on growing!

    Nat note: Same on Ross? Hmmm. It was not he, who led you to that place. Where was YOUR mind? 😉

    -Turkish Prawn

  4. Excuse me, planetross, as I put back Turkish Prawn in his place. It’s all your fault anyway.

    My mind was in the gutter where Sir planetross led me with the photograph of the fuck-me pumps (yeah, yeah, yeah, you are sleeping: it does not count.)

    I understand that high heels are a symbol of increased height, but not the first thing that would come to the mind of any red-blooded American/Canadian male, especially one who measures himself every day. 😉

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