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It’s Getting Clouded In Here


Everything becomes the past, but you can still see it all.

We have rearview mirrors and reflective surfaces in our heads. 

Some people use them: some don’t.


note: I thought this was a “Mirage“, but it was just a “Voxy“.

double note: this was a pretty funky cloud!


Today #216

Today was “Clock work …………………………… Orange.

A Rear View Point

The fish is an air freshner! ... but not fishy scented.


While at the front of a procession of cars,  I drove around a bend in the road.
Glancing in the rearview mirror a few seconds later, I noticed there were no cars behind me.
I guess someone was trying to turn on to a side road and everyone else had to stop.

It made me feel a little nervous and worried anyway.

This happened to me on a rollercoaster once, but I don’t think any side roads were involved.


note: Can rollercoaster cars fly?  That would explain a lot.

double note: if you turn your body around in a car and use a mirror to drive forward with, is that a “forward view mirror“?