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Scientists say humans and chimpanzees share 98% of the same genetic material. 

The last 2% must be really really good if those chimpanzees don’t want to share it with us. 

Stingy chimps!!


note: if I had 2% more genetic material does that mean I would be 2% smarter?
… or does that mean I’m probably not getting into Mensa any time soon.

double note: what the hell type of monkey is Curious George anyway?

triple note: I know those are monkeys in the photo. I think they were old world monkeys because I didn’t see the one on the end smoke with his tail.

quadruple note: when I have nothing to write about, I fall back on genetic material.


Trivial Bets #1

The word “nepotism” comes from Napoleon’s habit of giving family members important positions. (false)

planetross 0 – trivial better 1

Human Soup

cult stuff


I’ve joined a cult!

It’s not a crazy one or anything.

It probably falls somewhere between dog breeding and bowling on the culto-meter, but there are no dogs or breeding or funny shoes involved.

The cult isn’t trying to destabilize the government or destroy the world. It’s working with the government to save the world. But … it’s all hush hush.

We are the first line of defense against alien invaders!

human soup bowl

Basically the members sit naked in outdoor hot spring fed pools up in the mountains as bait: waiting for the eventual invasion of aliens that I’m sure will happen sometime soon, but hopefully while I’m not there.

another human soup bowl

The master plan is to offer delicious human soup to alien invaders before they decide to go destroying all those important places where all the most important people are doing amazing things to make life better for all mankind: talk show audiences.

 I think they might blow up the White House and other crap too as secondary targets … or just for fun because they’ve watched all those crappy movies.

another human soup bowl

While the aliens are hovering over these pools, dipping their big spoons in to the human soup, and possibly arguing over whether to add crackers or not; great minds will be figuring out the most effective way to defeat the aliens.
I’m sure saltwater, yodelling music, and koala bears are high on the list of weapons to be tested.

  human soup compound with alien thing in front

 I usually fulfill my duty in one of the regional branch centers, but when I visited the main control compound … or Takaragawa Hotel and Onsen, as they prefer to be known because it’s very super top secret, I was very impressed.

There are a lot of interesting things that the average person probably passes off as memorabilia or antiques or something, but all the stuff has significance once you join the cult.

 possible alien artifacts

 These things ward off aliens … and prospective mating partners, if you pull them out and get excited about them.

 possible alien dinner bell

This bell sends an audible sound through something called “airwaves” to attract aliens to dine at the pool.

 possibly things aliens don't like

Supposedly aliens don’t like recycling, Curious George, clamps, drums, or teddy bears. It’s a well kept secret only told to the indoctrinated.

 possibly cool stuff behind this door

 I haven’t reached a high enough level in the cult to find out what secrets lie behind this door, … but … I was tall enough to stand on the rocks in front to see that there wasn’t much back there except a bit of garbage.

There is no brainwashing involved, only a bit of body washing before entering the pools.

And if by some horrible coincidence the aliens do drop by while I’m bathing, I’m sure I will be so relaxed and mellow that I won’t really care what happens to me.


note: don’t ask other cult members in the pools if they think the aliens will come today: that’s a no-no.




monkey business

 The name is George, Serious George.


“What kind of business are you involved in Mr. George?”

“Monkey Business”


note: I’ll have that banana tree “shaken, not stirred”.

double note: part 2 of Sammy’s Stucky Situation will be on next. (tonight, my time)



Pipe Cleaners


Pipe cleaner manufacturers are pretty lucky “arts and crafts” people found a different use for their product.

The spittoon people weren’t so lucky.

note: prunes – the original pipe cleaner.