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I used to like cauliflower as well as I could spell it when I was kid … which wasn’t very well … or much … or not at all.

I was forced to eat it … under the threat of no dessert.

But as an adult I like it very much.

I guess my point is … why do parents make kids eat stuff they don’t like when it only means less for them?

If I had kids, I’d only laydown the “eat it or no dessert” line … if it was something I didn’t like eating … or there wasn’t any dessert … or I was too full … like asparagus.


note: I know the above photo isn’t of cauliflower: it’s a sheep farm.

double note: asparagus is quite full most of the time.

triple note: I didn’t like brocolli as a kid either … until my sister started calling them brocoltrees … and then they tasted pretty good.

quadruple note: don’t worry, I don’t have kids or asparagus.


Today #239

Today I finally broke through the 500,000 point barrier on the i-phone game “Hungry Shark 3“!  I told everyone I know, but I guess they just aren’t fishermen like me.

Questions And Answers

It's a Wonderful Life

“There are no stupid hypothetical questions; only stupid hypothetical answers.”


note: Can hypothetical questions be eliminated with hyposuction?

double note: Are hypothetical needles used on hypochondriacs?

triple note: Hypothermic needles are for cold shots, I assume.

quadruple note: Who actually looks for needles in haystacks?  I’m still trying to get struck by lightning!

quintuple note:if” is the middle word in “life“, but it’s also the middle word in wife, shifty, and rift. It’s also almost the middle word in cauliflower too!

sextuple note: If you are dyslexic, is “if” the middle word in donutfilling, refill, and poolfilter?

septuple note: ask stupid hypothetical questions here .

octuple note: Isn’t “It’s a Wonderful Life” the best movie ever?

nonuple note: image from here, but not originally.

decuple note: I had to look up “nonuple” and “decuple“.