I used to like cauliflower as well as I could spell it when I was kid … which wasn’t very well … or much … or not at all.

I was forced to eat it … under the threat of no dessert.

But as an adult I like it very much.

I guess my point is … why do parents make kids eat stuff they don’t like when it only means less for them?

If I had kids, I’d only laydown the “eat it or no dessert” line … if it was something I didn’t like eating … or there wasn’t any dessert … or I was too full … like asparagus.


note: I know the above photo isn’t of cauliflower: it’s a sheep farm.

double note: asparagus is quite full most of the time.

triple note: I didn’t like brocolli as a kid either … until my sister started calling them brocoltrees … and then they tasted pretty good.

quadruple note: don’t worry, I don’t have kids or asparagus.


Today #239

Today I finally broke through the 500,000 point barrier on the i-phone game “Hungry Shark 3“!  I told everyone I know, but I guess they just aren’t fishermen like me.

7 responses to “Cauliflower

  1. Well done on Hungry Shark! Impressive result. But you really should forego all aspects of life as you know it to go further and get a few more million points. Then I might just take my hat off to you.
    Mum always made cauli cheese when I was young. I hated it to begin with, then Dad taught me about HP Sauce, which made it tangy and tasty and not like a big ugly white cream sauce covered vegetable. These days I’m like you – I LOVE cauliflower – sauce, soup, stir fried… and wouldn’t dream of using the HP Sauce disguise trick. No siree. Cauli rocks. (told you I’d be back). xx

  2. Being as poor as we were, we ate offal (rhymes and corresponds to “awful”). I still eat it but not as often. Veg never bothered.

  3. I love cauliflower. I didn’t like zuchinni & broccoli as a kid but love them now. I was force fed the evil brussel sprouts as a kid & I agree with you on insisting kids eat what parents KNOW they don’t like. We never did that with our kids. If we knew they didn’t like it we would just not serve it up to them.

  4. I’m with Tony on this one. I used to HATE broccoli, which reminds me about that old riddle:

    Q: What’s the difference between broccoli and snot?

    A: You can’t get little kids to eat broccoli

  5. I thought that was pretty fluffy looking cauliflower…. Now I like both broccoli and cauliflower, with or without the cheese sauce. But still, razzbuffnik’s joke made me laugh!

  6. Everything tastes better with cheese on it – except ice cream of course. And dried apricots. I don’t think that it would do much for kangaroo’s anus either.

  7. Thanks for the comments.

    epicurienne: I do like cauliflower and cheese, but it’s lacking in my diet here. The Japanese aren’t big on cauliflower and I’m crap with cheese sauce.
    I’ve got HP sauce from time to time (foreigner shops and forays to Tokyo) I reserve it for meat … or things that I want to eat with meat. hee hee!
    It’s a delicacy … or rare around these parts.

    madtante: I ate everything without a complaint as a child … except for boiled cabbage. I wasn’t too fond of the marshmellow topped yam at Christmas, but luckily a few of my siblings liked it.

    Tony: brussel sprouts are still not an all time favourite, but I can get them down with enough milk or mashed potato. I’d never buy them in a million years though.

    razzbuffnik: I see kids eating boogers regularly … but not broccoli. People’s tongues must mature as they get older.

    Donald Diddams: I like cauliflower and broccoli now, but as a kid I really didn’t like them. I guess people get older when they get older.

    note: I told my girlfriend that she was the oldest person I’ve ever slept with: she didn’t like that very much.

    Tooty Nolan: cheese usually drowns out the other flavours except for cheese. Kangaroo anuses require a blindfold and hot sauce … or a hungry friend. hee hee!

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