My friend tells me odd facts: the latest tidbit,

“People with pets live 3 years longer than people without pets.”

I had pets when I was a kid: I’m covered.


note: people who work at pet stores must live forever.

double note: I bet pets live longer when they have owners … especially fish.

triple note: the original Odd Fact is here.

quadruple note: this computer is still dying, but I will try to make it last until payday … kind of like my money.


Today #52

I had an eye test today … my score was 2.

13 responses to “Outsurance

  1. I’ve given these things to my pet before. She doesn’t like them much though.

  2. Your third eye must have been closed that day.

  3. I think that odd fact applies to people who currently own a pet(s). I don’t think it counts when you were a kid. So, you may kick the bucket 3 years sooner. Maybe you should have kept your ants. hee hee!

    I’ve read our dove could live up to 20 years. I have mixed feelings about that.

    I hope your computer gets better. 🙂

  4. What if you’re only a year into your extra three an your critter croaks?!? Talk about a canary in a coal mine scenario!


  5. I heer that ants liv longer wen thay ar kept in ant farms. Aparently ant farm ants that ar reeleesd into the wyld dy soon arfta reelees so the wunz that ar in ant farms ar reely luky

  6. Dogs eat Greenies? We better make sure we put our snotty tissues in the rubbish before Dixie gets them then.

  7. I agree with writer dood, the greenies treats aren’t that popular with my dog either. Must be like trying to get your dog to eat veggies. I think I’m covered with the Outsurance til I’m like 100 or something. We’ve had enough pets to start a small zoo.

  8. Maybe you should get your computer a pet… oh, I forgot, it already has a mouse.

  9. I remember the Greenies scare. I was working at a pet store then, and all kinds of people were coming in all angry. Not a fun week.

  10. They also make Greenies for cats. My cats are exceptionally bright and refuse to eat them.

  11. I have a friend that believes that ALL pets should be shot – but not before dog breeders are bludgeoned to death first.

  12. So does that mean that because I’ve got 30 gorldfish, that I’ll live ninety years longer. If so, that is good news!

  13. Thanks for all the comments.
    Why do I get more comments when there are pets involved? mmmm.

    writerdood: not having pets, I don’t know anything about Greenies: I just thought it was an example of a poor name choice of a product in Japan … that I could make fun of.

    Dennis the Vizsla: I actually did go for an eye test. They don’t use the English alphabet in Japan for some reason. I confessed that “I can’t read so good.” … and they felt sorry for me. hee hee!

    Tammy: 20 years isn’t so long. Having a Galápagos Giant Tortoise could be a bit much though. hee hee!
    The computer problem is possibly related to something called “the motherboard” or “graphics card“. It hasn’t started talking to me in that HAL voice yet, so I think I’ll be okay.

    Turkish Prawn: I’m not sure if people with pets are supposed to live longer because of: a) reduced stress levels b) more exercise (for pets that make you move around more I guess) c) having something depend on you/friendship/love.
    All I know is that pet crocodiles may backfire for some people. hee hee!

    Dixie the Poodle: why is your name spelt correctly, but your comment is written in poodle talk? hee hee!

    Tony: that was what I was thinking of when I saw the Greenies.
    I was going to say, ” I save my Greenies for the fish.” but Mr. Pettit didn’t get that one at all, so I left it out.

    sweetiegirlz: I’m definitely not up to date on pet food. I always liked the commercial for “Snausages” though for some reason.

    Donald Diddams: hee hee! Your comment ties this whole post together.

    iheartfilm: thanks for stopping by! Was it a Soylent Greenies scare? hee hee!

    S. Le: I dont’ eat them either; does that mean I’m exceptionally bright too? hee hee!

    Tooty Nolan: so I assume your friend isn’t so big into pets and dog breeders then. Maybe I’m reading the comment wrong. hee hee!

    razzbuffnik: I think 3 years is the limit. Having 30 goldfish just means that you have a lot of goldfish.
    note: I’m not sure if “gorldfish” is a typo or not, so I’ve left it in. I’d rather have “gorldfish” than “goldfish” because it sounds cooler. hee hee!

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