My friend tells me odd facts: the latest tidbit, “dogs don’t sweat”.

This has been running through my head like a mantra for the last 2 weeks.

What a bastard!

note: at least it’s shorter than “the male seahorse carries the baby eggs on its head“.

7 responses to “Stuck

  1. awwwww…. what a cute face!

  2. Really? DOGS DON’T SWEAT ! ! ? ? ?

  3. gypsy monk: from what I’ve read, dogs don’t have pores. They regulate body temperature from the pads on their feet and by respiration. I guess that’s why dogs pant a lot and salivate more 🙂

    sweetiegirlz: I took this photo at my friend’s friend’s place in Brazil 🙂

  4. I knew a dog that used to sweat all the time. He was the biggest rebel of all the dogs in the neighborhood. He really was the DAWG!

  5. :)) … Well … Once I had the tune from The Good the Bad the Ugly stuck in my head for weeks. You sound real dumb humming it and i cant whistle at all so it was just sheer torture …

  6. Pigs are the only animals except for humans that can be sunburnt.

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