When the plane lost both engines, all the passengers and crew put on parachutes and escaped unharmed.

It was miraculous that there were just enough parachutes for everyone.

You should have been there.


note: my computer is dying. I may not be up and running again for a few days.


Today #51

Today seemed longer than usual, but the regular width for some reason.

8 responses to “Meaning

  1. Must be some sort of distortion in the time continuum. Or possibly the space continuum. But not both.

  2. But if I was there…..wouldn’t that mean there wouldn’t be a parachute for me? Oh….wait a minute…. I GET IT!

    Or maybe they’ll give them to the youth first in which case, you’re odds should be about 50/50 as a middle aged man. Or they’ll go women first (man boobs don’t count). Or they could go with a number of these first in which case….you are definitely in trouble.

    ~Beauty before beast
    ~healthy first
    ~people with family first (heh heh -sorry..had to)
    ~people not wearing Levi’s 501’s first.
    ~people with ambitions first… haha. Okay – now I’m just a prick….

    you know I’m kidding….. (hope people without a sense of humor like myself still have a shot at the last parachute).

  3. I personally think manboobs should count & even go 1st. Save the freaks of nature for scientific research. The photo doesn’t seem to relate to the post. Were you on drugs at the time of posting???

  4. Tony’s got a point. What’s with the picture? Is that suppose to look like the stairs off of an airplane? Or was it the drugs? 🙂

  5. @ Kelly ~ lol, rotten!
    Ross~ I would’ve jumped tandem with someone…so there!

  6. Thanks for the comments.

    jamesviscosi: what’s the arial circumference of a crop circle’s diameter is the real question.

    Kelly Pettit: I just hope a lot of people believe they can bounce … then I’ve got a shot.

    Tony: I didn’t have any good airplane/parachute pictures … so I just threw up any old crap that I hadn’t thrown up before. (figuratively speaking).

    Kelly Pettit: you know me, no drug abuse around here … just verbal.

    sweetiegirlz: I think if I was in the situation where only so many people could parachute out of the plane, I’d be really happy that I had those magic beans in my pocket. hee hee!

  7. Huh. Yeah. Thanks for the kind thoughts!!

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