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you should have seen the rabbit!


Are carrots good for eye sight because they have vitamins and stuff in them?

… or is it because they are bright orange and easy to see?


note: I can’t afford a reflective vest, so I just ride my bicycle at night with a pumpkin, some oranges, and a few carrots.

No I won’t sell you any of these things!!! I’m not riding home in the dark! Duh!”

double note: okay I’ll show you the rabbit!

if it makes a mess, you're cleaning it up!


triple note: The carrot or the stick? … why can’t I just have carrot sticks?


notes to myself #17

Do not eat 5 Whoppers at Burger King in Budapest: the 5th one is going to have you sitting on the toilet for a week.
Don’t be such a pig! … only eat 4 Whoppers.

No Free Lunch

Argentina 2007

I’m not looking for a “free lunch” out of life …

but second helpings and an extra dessert would be nice!


note: I think I have food poisoning.

double note: this is no time to diet!

triple note: “life is like lunch: there is a long nap afterwards.”

quadruple note: some days I think I’ve been over seasoned.

quintuple note: the spice of life sure isn’t oregano. It isn’t from Oregon either; although I hear it’s a nice place to live.

sextuple note:  photo from March 2007 in Argentina. It seems like a long time ago. (sad face)