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you should have seen the rabbit!


Are carrots good for eye sight because they have vitamins and stuff in them?

… or is it because they are bright orange and easy to see?


note: I can’t afford a reflective vest, so I just ride my bicycle at night with a pumpkin, some oranges, and a few carrots.

No I won’t sell you any of these things!!! I’m not riding home in the dark! Duh!”

double note: okay I’ll show you the rabbit!

if it makes a mess, you're cleaning it up!


triple note: The carrot or the stick? … why can’t I just have carrot sticks?


notes to myself #17

Do not eat 5 Whoppers at Burger King in Budapest: the 5th one is going to have you sitting on the toilet for a week.
Don’t be such a pig! … only eat 4 Whoppers.

My Life

 the first thing I scanned!


 My life is very constipated … or like some other word that sounds like that … or similar … or almost the same but different … or very close to that one but with a different meaning.


note: being constipated requires constant patience … that’s why it’s called “constipatience“.

double note: the above drawing is an advertisement from one of those fake newspapers they sell in cowboy tourist traps: mine said “Ross Janes: Wanted Dead or Alive, but Mostly Dead“.  The newspaper is long gone, but I’ve kept this stupid drawing for 36 years or so. I don’t know why.

triple note: With the help of my knowledgeable friend Kelly Pettit , I am now the owner of a printer/scanner/photo making thingey. I scanned this drawing by myself and everything!

quadruple note: Yes, I know the little guy in the drawing probably has diarrhea, but … diarrhea is toilet humor while constipation is technically not toilet humor.



Doc Tari’s Bedside Mannerisms

Doc Tari


Verbal Diarrhea is the noisy killer.


treatment: go talk to someone else about it.


related ailments:
1. non-verbal diarrhea is the silent killer, but less stressful to people close by.

2. nounal diarrhea is common and proper, but for some it’s an abstract idea.

I’m in the health care field, not the sick care field.


*the above drawing is from a therapeutic massage place