Guilty People


 Guilty people who get off being convicted of stuff should be charged with “beating the system to death”.


note: something is really wrong if you are the “even one out“.

double note: beating the odds once in a while evens things out. Beating the evens is just odd … or something like that.

triple note:I’m an evenball.

quadruple note:It’s exactly where I left it. That’s even!

quintuple note: He was penalty kicked to within an inch of his life. (or a centimetre if you’re metric)

sextuple note: metric sounds more brutal sometimes.

septuple note:  soccer sounds more brutal than it is.

octuple note: My oldest brother sent me cool Winter Olympic toques … 2010 ones no less!  (toques are ski hats to you non-Canadians)

nuntuple note: can I have head pajamas? … cause I’m thinking about wearing this to bed.


notes to myself #124

You have no shame.

12 responses to “Guilty People

  1. You are not a fashion violator, you are a fashion victim!

    Must be cold there, yeah?

  2. LOL S.Le is on a role. Look out! 🙂 I love the look. I should try it out in Hollyweird, huh? 🙂

  3. We call toques toboggans here in North Carolina. No one knows why. Everyone knows that’s a sled.

  4. The other day, the little kid across the street came over to our yard to play with Short Stack. All you could see of him were his eyes. With out missing a beat, he explained to me that it was so cold out that he needed to wear his baklava.

    Took a lot of muscle control not to laugh out loud.

    I seriously doubt that baklava has a very high R-value.


  5. I don’t get even, I just get odd.

    Oh yeah! The Olympics! You’re eatin’ this up aren’t you?

    hee hee!

  6. Your eyes are a gorgeous shade of blue.

  7. Sometimes when I read your thoughts here, it leaves me absolutely speechless.
    Like the hat. That picture makes you look like Kilroy (was here).

  8. Thanks for all the comments!
    My brother should send me toques more often!

    S. Le: toques are not complimentary to my features. I’m all face in your face. It’s not pretty; I know.
    My parents would have had to change their last name too … and my Mother would have twice. … too much work.

    Doraz: I feel like The Edge from U2 with this toque on . I have to say that it is the nicest toque I’ve worn in a long time … not itchy at all.

    omawarisan: regional differences are what make the world go round … and keep those rivalries, feuds, ingrained biases, and laughable misunderstandings on the stages of comedy clubs everywhere. hee hee!
    … I don’t know what I’m saying. I don’t understand my accent or the words I use sometimes. … but I’ll “hee hee!” anyway.

    … now that I’ve read Tammy‘s comment … Who says Toe- boggan? weirdos. hee hee!

    Turkish Prawn: I mix those words up all the time. (seriously)
    I sometime throw ” balalaika” into the mix as well.

    Tammy: I’m actually not a big Olympic watcher person. … but now that I have a toque … I think I have stake in it now.
    I figured out that most events will take place between 1am and 8am here, so I’ll have to check the internet for curling and hockey hightlights.

    sweetiegirlz: my eyes are always variably blue … until I start talking … then they turn brown. hee hee!

    Epicurienne: they are not really my thoughts; they are just things running through my head not so quickly. … kind of like the person you don’t want to kiss in that chasing/kissing game that … I just imagine some kids play. hee hee!

    I would make a good prison movie person. (sadly)

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