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It’s Natural … Somewhere


When I was a kid, everything in the forest was either 50 shades of brown or 50 shades of green for most of the year.

Draw a tree!
Brown crayon/green crayon.

Draw a flower?
Daffodil or Rose?
Yellow crayon/green crayon or red crayon/green crayon.

There are probably a lot of kids in other countries who are disappointed with their crayons.


note: other countries seem more colourful figuratively and littorally.

double note: some people say Canada doesn’t have culture. I say Canada has a deep and rich silvaculture: it’s pretty clear-cut.


Today #292

Today I realized that I don’t know anyone in the North American entertainment gossip circles anymore.
My pop-culture credential has popped.

pop note: it’s not so bad. It all has to do with caring really really a little.

I Speak In “Tongues In Cheek”

yes! I did take a picture of an unfamous rock!


I need my own personal “Rosetta Stone”:

– What I said.

– What I wanted to say.

-What I should have said.


note: If one day “English” is indecipherable and future man/alien finally figures it out … I bet they still make a few mistakes with “desert” and “dessert“. 

double note: I had a “universal translator potato chip” embedded in my brain … but they don’t really talk a lot. The “chocolate chip” was a disappointment as well.

triple note: the “Rosetta Pound” hasn’t been found yet. It’s 14 times lighter I hear.

quadruple note: eventually everyone will speak the same language … and discover that it was better before.

quintuple note: if there were no misunderstandings … chocolate makers, flower shops, and arms dealers would be out of business.

sextuple note: I was going to title this one “I Speak Braille” … but I don’t know how to spell “Braille“.






There must be something good that happens when we die, because …

just like plants stretching and moving toward the sunlight, old people seem to be bending and moving toward the ground.

note: I could be wrong; I usually am.

double note: Are old people bent over or are they just falling down very slowly?

I don’t want to put this one under humor for some reason.