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They are in the tree!

I’d make a good Buoy Scout.


note: all the buoys are in the arbour.


Today #370

I’ve had a sore leg all day … maybe it’s the leghold trap.

It’s Natural … Somewhere


When I was a kid, everything in the forest was either 50 shades of brown or 50 shades of green for most of the year.

Draw a tree!
Brown crayon/green crayon.

Draw a flower?
Daffodil or Rose?
Yellow crayon/green crayon or red crayon/green crayon.

There are probably a lot of kids in other countries who are disappointed with their crayons.


note: other countries seem more colourful figuratively and littorally.

double note: some people say Canada doesn’t have culture. I say Canada has a deep and rich silvaculture: it’s pretty clear-cut.


Today #292

Today I realized that I don’t know anyone in the North American entertainment gossip circles anymore.
My pop-culture credential has popped.

pop note: it’s not so bad. It all has to do with caring really really a little.

Dental HighScream


I felt really foolish sitting in the dentist’s chair with the pink paper bib thing around my neck

… especially after they told me I wasn’t going to get a discount for bringing my own.


note: I like the dentist who does all the tooth drilling and grinding. I figure, either I am a masochist or she’s the only female dentist there.

double note: do not drink blue kool-aid before going to the dentist.

triple note:teeth and trees are very similar; they both are made of wood.
                        (quote from my great-great-grandmother … or someone like that)


Today #257

Everything has become much clearer to me today: I washed my windows.

Transient Trees


Across the street from where I live, there is a transient tree depot.

The trees appear, hang out for 6 or 8 months, and then disappear.
The cycle usually starts over again after 4 months.

I don’t know where they come from, and I don’t where they go.

I’m stumped:

… except for the stump on the right … that’s doesn’t go anywhere.


note: no one wants the runt of the litter … or the stump of the littoral … I guess.

double note: it took me about a year to figure out what was happening over there … the big machinery transplanting them onto big trucks was a bit of a give away.

triple note: do people in big cities use the expression, “my neck of the woods“? … if they don’t, they must be more monocultured than mixed cultured … like those people with woods and necks and stuff.


Today #177

Today someone said it was Good Friday. I told them every Friday was pretty good for me.

Considering The Trees

I don't know what these trees are called: we haven't been introduced.


What type of ape did trees evolve from?

I forget.


note: are there “tree family trees“?

double note: is there a treehouse shortage for short ages these days?

triple note: if I could be any tree, I’d want to be a “trikor tree” … they seem to be popular with kids on Halloween.

quadruple note: I feel sorry for trees. They have to go through winter without all their clothes on.


notes to myself #32

When you are 9, do not do the Evil Knievel jump on your pedal bike with that big oak tree only 5 meters from your landing zone.

(I know it’s really Evel Knievel, but that doesn’t sound dangerous enough)

The House, The Tree, And The Rock

moving slowly


 I think these people are trying to move their house … very slowly.


note: if patience is a virtue, these people are very virtuous.

double note: actually they are bending the tree away from the carport area, but man they must really love that tree to put up with having to navigate the obstacle course they’ve created at their front door.



Christmas #2 (no my parents aren’t divorced)

severed head

What fun it is to laugh and sing a slaying song tonight
Jingle Bells?

Who wrote this; Jason, Michael, or Freddy?


note: I guess trees have their own opinion on axe murderers.

double note:  “No! I said, slash prices!”

triple note: Black Christmas is a pretty scary movie.

quadruple note: “I don’t want to look in my stocking Uncle Freddy!”

quintuple note: Finally! Pikachu gets his just desserts!

sextuple note: I’ll eat it if it has stuffing in it!

septuple note: Jason vs The Pocket Monsters.

octuple note:  Christmas #1 (not the first Christmas)



Watching Trees


People love watching trees in Japan.

In April, it’s cherry blossom viewing. Everyone and their dog go and sit on blue tarps under cherry trees and drink heavily. I do it too, but I usually watch the women who are watching the trees.

In October, it’s Kouyo: the changing of the leaves. People always ask me what the word for Kouyo is in English. They usually seem disappointed when I say, ” the changing of the leaves”. I think they expect some great one word answer.

Tour buses haul people around the countryside in April and October. It’s a big business.

I like both these times of year, but I’m more of a root person. My sister is too.

When we have travelled together, we point out interesting roots to each other, take photos, and have little discussions over the merits of our discoveries. We know a good root when we see it.

Trees have their seasons, but roots are all year round fun.