I Speak In “Tongues In Cheek”

yes! I did take a picture of an unfamous rock!


I need my own personal “Rosetta Stone”:

– What I said.

– What I wanted to say.

-What I should have said.


note: If one day “English” is indecipherable and future man/alien finally figures it out … I bet they still make a few mistakes with “desert” and “dessert“. 

double note: I had a “universal translator potato chip” embedded in my brain … but they don’t really talk a lot. The “chocolate chip” was a disappointment as well.

triple note: the “Rosetta Pound” hasn’t been found yet. It’s 14 times lighter I hear.

quadruple note: eventually everyone will speak the same language … and discover that it was better before.

quintuple note: if there were no misunderstandings … chocolate makers, flower shops, and arms dealers would be out of business.

sextuple note: I was going to title this one “I Speak Braille” … but I don’t know how to spell “Braille“.




6 responses to “I Speak In “Tongues In Cheek”

  1. What I wish I didn’t say. That would be a big seller, huh?

  2. If you had your own personal Rosetta Stone, would that mean I would need my own personal Champollion to understand you?

  3. I am unfamiliar with a Rosetta stone. I may need to google it. Choc chips are best embedded between the teeth

  4. I googled & the Wikipedia of all things knowledgeable has given me insight….

  5. With your Rosetta Stone you could translate backward through Sandscript until you get to “grunts.” All the men would understand you and the women would ignore you. Oh wait. Am I describing your current circumstance? Sorry!

  6. Thanks for the comments.

    Doraz: the ability to suck words back into the mouth would be very useful. I can only do that with alphabet soup at the moment.

    razzbuffnik: I’ll have to check my personal Rosetta Stone and get back to you on that one. hee hee!

    Tony: I saw the Rosetta Stone at the British Museum. There was a sign on it that said “do not touch” … and a security guard who said “please don’t touch the stone” every 15 seconds or so when people touched the stone.
    Maybe the “do not touch” sign should be bigger … or underlined … or something.

    Don’t feel bad, I had to look up razzbuffnik‘s “Champollion” reference. That name sounds like a French/Spanish mushroom and chicken soup or something.

    S. Le:ooo ooo ooo” (beating chest and monkey dancing)

    I was telling my woman friend (who only ignores me a little) that it’s not necessary to enunciate “I don’t know” in English: everyone understands that even if you hum it.

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