possibly a crematoria ... I guess I'll find out sooner or later ... or not at all.


I guess before man discovered fire,

…  cremations were not a thing of the passed.


note: there are so many different death rituals that have been practiced on this earth over the years, people don’t even agree on death ………….  rituals.

I guess death is disagreeable.

double note: on Planetross, when people die their hair just changes color.


notes to myself #21

You are the last born … but only by a few days.

8 responses to “Crematoriums

  1. You mean it isn’t where they make Cremora®?

  2. How about hair that keeps changing color even when you are alive? My hair dies toooo often these days! 🙂 Does that make me alive or dead? LOL

  3. lol @ pannonica!

  4. Crematoria should be banned. They play a huge role in spreading the zombie plague with their infected smoke!

  5. Plane– You mean “Crematoria.” But that’s beside the point. I found another handmade aboriginal novelty fake turd.

  6. Great photo, did you take this? very nice reflective in the water. pleasant point of view. did you know that every once in a while, some people actually get cremated when they die and their relatives clandestinely sprinkle their ashes into some of the water at Disney World? I saw that on a documentary once.

  7. Thanks for all the comments.

    pannonica: that stuff is just Soylent White.

    Doraz: it’s probably just your hair that dyes.
    The only other people who die on Planetross are people playing board games.

    S. Le: that’s kind of creepy really. I wonder if there is Cremora® Cheese?

    Dennis the Vizsla: I didn’t hear any mention of that in Zombieland … maybe they will get to it in a sequel.

    Bunk Strutts: that is one nasty piece of soap!!! I saw a link at the bottom of that site for the 13 worst toys for kids: I have 2 of them! … a “face bank” and the “yodelling lederhosen”.
    I’ve been known to make up words or not, but both are okay. hee hee!

    sweetiegirlz: a typhoon was supposedly rolling through this city, so Mr. Pettit dragged me out in the morning to take pictures of swaying trees and wind: it broke out all sunny and ruined our typhoon experience.
    The photo is actually of a garbage incinerator: I just always thought it was a crematorium. Mr. Pettit thought it was a community center that he’d played basketball at once: we were both wrong.
    I was closer to the truth, but he was closer to the proximity … the recreation center is almost nextdoor.

  8. Great photo, someone said that but I had the same thought so I said it too.
    Husband: Grandpa got burnt
    Wife: Was it very bad
    Husband: Well they don’t muck around at the crematorium

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