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It’s Getting Clouded In Here


Everything becomes the past, but you can still see it all.

We have rearview mirrors and reflective surfaces in our heads. 

Some people use them: some don’t.


note: I thought this was a “Mirage“, but it was just a “Voxy“.

double note: this was a pretty funky cloud!


Today #216

Today was “Clock work …………………………… Orange.


possibly a crematoria ... I guess I'll find out sooner or later ... or not at all.


I guess before man discovered fire,

…  cremations were not a thing of the passed.


note: there are so many different death rituals that have been practiced on this earth over the years, people don’t even agree on death ………….  rituals.

I guess death is disagreeable.

double note: on Planetross, when people die their hair just changes color.


notes to myself #21

You are the last born … but only by a few days.


old thing


Let me get this straight.

The time just before the Industrial Revolution is called Pre-Industrial Revolution.

So there was a revolution just before the Industrial Revolution?


Okay, let me get this straight.

The time just before the American Civil War is called Pre-Civil War.

So there was a war just before the American Civil War?


Ok, let me get this straight.

The civilization just before the Inca Civilization is called the Pre-Inca Civilization.

So there was an Inca Civilization just before the Inca Civilization?


I’m not getting this. Can you explain it one more time? 


note: If history repeats itself, maybe I’ll get this the next time around.

double note: I wanted to study the Future in High School, but they weren’t offering that class until the next year.

triple note: the History Channel always shows repeats.

Special Note: I have a “New Experiment” up top in the header.