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Where Are You Going?


When people die, I hope they go to where they believe they will go when they die:

… because I really want to see the inside of a crematorium.


note: I didn’t even think there was something wrong with this “closed” sign. I was too impressed that it was written on a skateboard to notice!

double note: it says “open” on the otherside … in case you were wondering.


Mean Things I Say About People #1

I know a person who only listens to instrumental music because they don’t like listening to people.


possibly a crematoria ... I guess I'll find out sooner or later ... or not at all.


I guess before man discovered fire,

…  cremations were not a thing of the passed.


note: there are so many different death rituals that have been practiced on this earth over the years, people don’t even agree on death ………….  rituals.

I guess death is disagreeable.

double note: on Planetross, when people die their hair just changes color.


notes to myself #21

You are the last born … but only by a few days.