Eating Hobbits

white t-shirts and ramen do not mix


I haven’t been eating properly recently and it’s really noticeable.

… especially when I do laundry.


note: are stain patterned shirts ever in style?

double note: there might be a typo in the title.

triple note: sometimes I potting soil myself.


notes to myself #20

Be careful when Stu gives you a ride on his motorcycle; the exhaust pipe and your leg are not a good combination.


9 responses to “Eating Hobbits

  1. It is nice that they give you the peppermint in your meal.

  2. Well….it is a problem…food….do I or don’t I? Consumption! 🙂

  3. That looks like a mighty fine meal, even if part of it does end up on your shirt. The key is to switch to multi-colored tie-dye shirts. You’ll never notice a dollop or two of dinner…

  4. My grandmother used to say that she looked good in everything she ate.

    One of my proudest punny moments happened when I was watching one of the godforsaken Lord of the Rings movies (Peter Jackson is a hack, and I never liked the books anyway): there was a scene in which one of the human-sized characters tossed a hobbit who was trying to thwart him (or something) onto a funeral pyre: “He’s a hard hobbit to bake.”

    It’s so rare when you say it at the right time, instead of yet another instance of esprit de l’escalier. I had another one just the other day, but I won’t repeat it here because it isn’t apropos and I’m engaging in false modesty.

  5. I wasn’t going to reply so early, but hey! 4 comments!

    Thank you!

    omawarisan: I think that white and pink swirly thing is made out of fish. … or maybe I’m just fooling myself and it’s really something I really don’t want to know about!

    Doraz: I consume food, but does food consume me? that is the question.

    Donald Diddams: this is Kitakata ramen … regular ramen with wavy noodles that hold in the flavor … supposedly.
    I like regular ramen from anywhere … I don’t need noodles waving to me while I eat it.
    Ramen is my staple feel good lie on the sofa sunday nap time food.
    Ramen farts are horrendous though: not for the light of heart … or nostrilizers.

    pannonica: hee hee! classic! I never say things at the right time … balloon tricks compensate. hee hee!

    note: planetross doesn’t do balloon tricks. I meant balloon tricks would compensate people who have lost, popped, or let go of their own balloon.

  6. Yeah, I wouldn’t want to know about fish mints either.

  7. I have difficulty eating ramen or practically anything else without making a mess of it. I have an eating disorder, or at least difficulty. Doesn’t stop me from trying though. I just keep a Tide pen at hand and have at it.

  8. Ross. Too much information but SLURP that soupy noodly thing looks well worth a few splodges on your clothes, wherever they might end up. HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE HEE.

    (you make me giggle)

  9. Thanks for the comments.

    omariwasan: fish mints have never been too popular.

    S. Le: I have an eating disorderliness sometimes, but my oil spills don’t kill any wildlife … except if I’m wearing a wildlife shirt.

    epicurienne: ramen is next to cleanliness … but not so close. hee hee!

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