Dental HighScream


I felt really foolish sitting in the dentist’s chair with the pink paper bib thing around my neck

… especially after they told me I wasn’t going to get a discount for bringing my own.


note: I like the dentist who does all the tooth drilling and grinding. I figure, either I am a masochist or she’s the only female dentist there.

double note: do not drink blue kool-aid before going to the dentist.

triple note:teeth and trees are very similar; they both are made of wood.
                        (quote from my great-great-grandmother … or someone like that)


Today #257

Everything has become much clearer to me today: I washed my windows.

11 responses to “Dental HighScream

  1. Yeah, I can see how the blue kool-aid would be problematic.

  2. Be true to your teeth or they will be false to you.
    – Quote from my great-great-grandmother…or Readers Digest

  3. Bonus toothbrush! Got to love that. I get gum too! Did you get gum? How about the nitrous? Did they dose you up?

  4. double note: do not drink blue kool-aid before going to the dentist…

    Especially from the toilet.

  5. Frankly, I have a hard time being attracted to a female dentist — or any dentist for that matter — with a drill in her hand.
    There must be better ways to get a discount than bringing your own bib… maybe you needed to add in your own floss.

  6. What is your advice on eating oreos before dental appts?

  7. Thanks for all the comments!

    Slamdunk: I always have morning appointments at the dentist, so I usually spend more time trying to brush away “coffee brown tongue” than focussing on my teeth. … sorry, too much information.

    Natasha @ The City Slacker: thanks for stopping by! That’s a good quote!
    I never know whether to bring my van to a “mechanical dentist” or a “dental mechanic” when I have a dent.

    writerdood: the dentist doesn’t give me a freebie toothbrush or gum or nitrous! I just get to pay for pain there … and suffer frozen face.
    Japanese hotels always supply complimentary toothbrushes, razors, and combs (although the razors are crap).
    I’ve collected a good collection over the years.

    madtante: I avoid drinking from toilets as a rule … and any drink that is toilet water colored … although I would drink out of a cup that looked like a miniature toilet! hee hee!

    Donald Diddams: I go back to the dentist again this morning. I will put floss between all my teeth and see if I get a discount this time! hee hee!

    Bearmancartoons: I think Steven Wright had something to say about that!
    A local dentist who goes to schools and teaches kids how to brush properly uses oreos. Every kid gets to eat an oreo and then tries to brush the oreo remnants out of their teeth.
    I guess there is a lesson in there somewhere: dentist man brings free oreos!!!

  8. I have an annoying knack for going to sleep in the dentist’s chair – while his/her fingers are in my mouth. Lucky I sleep with my mouth open.

  9. Wood??? I thought that teeth were made from pickles. I learnt that here. Either your grandmother told you fibs or you’re a really bad online teacher. So is my Planetross Online Educational System Certificate still valid???

  10. OK I just went to your Zazzle store & sure enough there were tooth pickles products. I will never ever trust a grandma again

  11. Thanks for the comments.
    apologies for being tardy as usual.

    Tooty Nolan: that’s a good knack to have!
    I can never get comfortable in those dental chairs. They must be made by the same company that makes airplane seats.

    Tony: your POESC is still valid. Teeth are made out of pickles Mr. McGerkin. hee hee!

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