Eating a petrified apple is hardcore!


note: I’d like to be a fossil someday, so people would sing about me in that “Do Re Mi Fossil” song.
… and when people asked how I am, I could say, “I’m petrified!, but otherwise fine.

double note: where I live is famous for apples … and apple trees too!

triple note: I only ever find half worms in apples … they must not be full grown yet.

quadruple note: being petrifried sounds like a bad way to go.


Today #258

I didn’t make any fatal mistakes today … I used a pencil with a fatal eraser.


9 responses to “Apples

  1. If you ever miss cherry trees, come to Nakano with your sister!

  2. Great post, especially the worms comment! 🙂 We have two apple trees on our property, they produce tons of apples, but they are not very tasty. I think because we don’t take care of the trees and they just grow wild.

  3. The song made me giggle 😀

  4. I have visions of paleontologists stranded in a valley after a bus crash, forced to eat those who didn’t survive, to put off for a little while the moment when they start to become fossils …

  5. Thanks for the comments!

    iloveludwig: I know who you are now!
    I will have to make it down to Nakano again someday.

    Brown Road Chronicles: I want to grow crab apples, but I don’t live near the ocean.

    Bearman: proper apple tree maintenance is necessary to produce better tasting apples … especially clipping off the extra apple blossoms.
    … and being really hungry when you eat the apples. hee hee!

    LC Aggie Sith: it’s amazing how many songs can be made out of that “Do Re Mi” song!

    mymatejoechip: thanks for stopping by!
    Paleontologists should wear t-shirts saying, “Fossils Fuel My Appetite“.

  6. “I’m petrified!, but otherwise fine.“
    Ha Ha Ha this cracked me up. I am thinking that fossils must have a lot of stiffness 1st thing in the morning & getting out of bed would be difficult for a petrified person.

  7. Applewood smoked bacon is the big thing here now. Who is going to produce the apples if we make bacon out of the trees.

  8. Thanks for the comments.
    I’m getting pretty slow at responding to things lately: my knee just responded to the rubber hammer the doctor whacked it with a week ago.

    Tony: hee hee! “What kind of rock do you listen to?” … “Inert“.

    omawarisan: I’m kind of worried about Christmas dinner with all that turkey bacon on the market!
    I don’t know how bacon companies cure bacon, but it always seems healthy when I eat it, so they must be doing a pretty good job.

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