Similar Activities

Drama Queen


Mountain Climbing and Fishing are almost the same.

When a person has to cut the line … a life is saved and someone is usually not very happy.


note: sometimes the line has to be cut with yoyos and kites, but it’s usually not so dramatic or very life threatening.

double note:  Mountain Climbing Rule #1: don’t go climbing with people carrying knives.

triple note: How many climbers actually have to make that rope cutting decision? It seems to happen all the time in the movies … kind of like someone always saving the planet by driving an adrift space nuclear arsenal or a rogue meteor away from Earth.

quadruple note: I’m definitely not going climbing with Chris O’Donnell … or watching another one of his movies.

quintuple note: Ever since “Vertical Limit“, I’ve been waiting for “Diagonal Limit” and “Horizontal Limit” to come out!

7 responses to “Similar Activities

  1. You bring up valid points! I think I will stick to flat land! I have no desire to go mountain climbing! *(*

  2. Remind me to never rock climb with you!

  3. Same thing happens when they cut the line in horror movies! Freddy lives and someone is definitely not very happy!

    Except that now with cell phones, the bad guys can’t do that anymore. This saddens me.

  4. I remembered this “I wish I could cut the rope” incident from waaaayyy back in 2002

  5. Oh heavens. The Darwin Awards – well worth a look especially the one where the parcel bomber’s parcel is returned to him by the post office (he put his return address on it) and he doesn’t recognise it so opens it and BOOM! The human species is immediately improved by the removal of one more doof-brain.
    BTW Ross, I’m loving your new venture. Great cochons!

  6. It happened in “The Day After Tomorrow” too!

    I wouldn’t want to say “Throw me a rope” on any Mt. climbing trip either.

  7. Thanks for all the comments.

    Doraz: I think there is something a little dangerous about mountain and rock climbing … oh yeah! you can die sometimes!
    I’ll stick to spelunking. hee hee!

    S. Le: Never ever never go rock climbing with me!

    nathaliewithanh: this saddens me too.

    Tony: great link! hee hee! That reminds me of the pledge scene in “Old School“.

    epicurienne: the t-shirt and mug venture is collecting momentum! I’m still waiting for my Spring/Summer wardrobe to arrive … was that a knock on the door? … just another subpoena! rats!

    Kelly Pettit: I bet rodeo calves don’t like mountain climbing trips either.

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