Before medicine and potions, people must not have had an “apothecary in the world”! 


note: Has there been an increase in people going into pharmacology since the Harry Potter books and movies came out? That Snape is such a role model.

double note: Are people on drugs getting apothecarried away?


13 responses to “Apothecaries

  1. “people must not have had an “apothecary in the world”!

    But they were friendly with alchemy

  2. I’ve always called them Harmacies.

  3. I got nothin’

    You’re all too clever for me.

  4. razzbuffnik’s went over my head, but I got pannonica’s.

    jimsmuse: you know this will be the “Million Dollar Question” when you are on the show!

    note: I liked the Rush song inclusion on your video!

  5. Soon none of us will have a Poth to Pith in if the market goes as it goes…… We’ll ALL need pharmacologists.

  6. The artist of that picture either needed or was on drugs.

    I cannot keep up with your blog entries. I am not worthy…

    S. Le: I always wait for your comments to come in batches. It may get worse around Halloween: you’ve been warned.

  7. My guesses on razzbuffnik’s:

    1. “not a care in the world”
    2. “I can be your long lost pal / I can call you Betty / And Betty when you call me / You can call me Al

    planetross: you so Canadian!

  8. pannonica: I think you may be right about this. I’ve been Paul Simonized!!

    I’ll have to wait for an nod either way from the man himself.

    note: are you making reference to my Rush reference? I could be from anywhere. I’m like the wind: I’m like that. ( I don’t dry clothes left outside though)

  9. I am unfamiliar with the word. Wait while I go to Dictionary.com….

    a·poth·e·car·y /əˈpɒθəˌkɛri/ Pronunciation Key – Show Spelled Pronunciation[uh-poth-uh-ker-ee] Pronunciation Key – Show IPA Pronunciation
    –noun, plural -car·ies. 1. a druggist; a pharmacist.
    2. a pharmacy or drugstore.
    3. (esp. in England and Ireland) a druggist licensed to prescribe medicine

    [Origin: 1325–75; ME (< OF) < ML apothécārius seller of spices and drugs, LL: shopkeeper, equiv. to L apothéc(a) shop, storehouse (< Gk apothké; see apo-, theca) + -ārius -ary]

    Oh I see that Apothecary, the pharmacist/chemist type….

    I thought you meant Apothe, Mariah’s brother.

  10. Oh I forgot to say in all the drug talking stuff
    I didn’t keep anyones email, so can you email me again for the flat tony thing, thanks…..

  11. Thanks for the etymology lesson Tony (and yes, I will wait while you look up “etymology”)! I always think it’s cool to find out word origins.

    In other news….what is all this Flat Tony nonsense, and how can I be involved?

  12. Whoa. Jim Woodring rnop. “Frank’s Real Pa” is one of my favorites.
    Say Hi to Madame Pupshaw.

  13. Thanks for all the comments.

    Bunk Strutts: thanks for the link. I had never heard of this guy before. He’s out there!

    Tony: jimsmuse must have meant “entymology”: she’s so pedantic sometimes. hee hee.

    jimsmuse: check out Tony’s site for “Flat Stanley” info. This ain’t no library here! hee hee.

    note: “hee hee’s” just don’t have the same feel as smiley faces.

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