Money Making Scheme #3



I’m going to sell “little extincties”: cute and cuddly plush dolls of extinct animals!

Educational and Fun! Collect them all!

“You can’t kill them because they are stuffed and already dead!”

 I’ll probably add a few new ones each year.





note: there seem to be a lot of extinct rats, bats, mice and foxes. Not too many changes in design.

double note: There are so many cute extinct animals to choose from; I don’t know where to begin.

triple note: “Mommy! When is the ruffed lemur and the sinaloan jaguarundi coming out? I can’t wait.”

quadruple note: Money Making Scheme #1 and #2 are still scheming.

5 responses to “Money Making Scheme #3

  1. Now, I love this because I’ve just posted a new challenge called “Still Breathing, The Series” and your extinct animal retirement plan falls right in line! Just what we need, Ross! A light touch. Thanks!

  2. Sign Short Stack up for a dodo!


  3. Love it! I want me a Tasmanian Tiger!

  4. My money making scheme involves high grade paper, ink, and a printing press. And you thought we were clearing out the Troll Cave for furniture!

  5. Excellent. This one made me snort. If it helps, you could go for a Moa – it was a really big bird native to New Zealand. Think ostrich only taller. I think. There’s a stuffed one in Auckland Museum. I used to enjoy visiting it as a kid. And for kids who don’t like big words they should be able to handle a Dodo. Then there’s the hairy mammoth. Depends on whether you want to do life size or miniature. The mammoth series could create a storage problem.

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