Friends And Underwear


If fair-weather friends are around briefly,

real friends must be around longjohnly.

I’m not sure what kind of friends are around nudely,

… but I’m either going to like them a lot … or not at all!


note:Hey Baby! … you really should put some clothes on … like a hat, socks, or maybe a real short scarf.(sexy masculine hee hee!)

double note: I can’t remember the last time I was nude. Oh! wait a minute! … yes I can. Nevermind.


Today #269

Today the new teacher said she’d left a Mr. Big chocolate bar on my desk: it was a miniature Mr. Big.
I thought my desk had gotten really big before I walked 3 feet closer.
It was pretty yummy … but they shouldn’t be allowed to do that anyway.

5 responses to “Friends And Underwear

  1. Nude Crunky Balls?!?! Sounds delicious… or not!

  2. Crunky Nude Balls def does not sound delicious. Sounds like an STD

  3. I take it that crunky is a combination of crunchy and chunky. That is clever, but is nude a flavor? I’m scared to ask what nude tastes like.

  4. Crunky Ball Nude. Sounds exciting but what does Crunky mean??? Miniature Mr. Big??? No wonder the universal scheme of things is so mixed up

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    Brown Road Chronicles: I’m not sure why they used the word “nude“, but the package definitely caught my eye!
    There is a car over here called “Naked“: I’m not sure what’s up with that either:

    Bearman: they actually tasted better than they sound. They would have tasted better if I hadn’t left them melting in my car for a few days.

    Tammy: they taste like a cheapy version of a Ferrero Rocher without anything good in the middle. I guess they are nude of filling on the inside.

    Tony McGurk: I think Crunky is a mix of crunchy and chunky … like Tammy said.
    Eating a miniature Mr. Big is like eating an Oh Henry bar that’s named Jerry: they taste the same, but somehow not.
    (I’m not sure if you know what an Oh Henry bar is, so maybe think of a Morrow bar that’s named Day.

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