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Friends And Underwear


If fair-weather friends are around briefly,

real friends must be around longjohnly.

I’m not sure what kind of friends are around nudely,

… but I’m either going to like them a lot … or not at all!


note:Hey Baby! … you really should put some clothes on … like a hat, socks, or maybe a real short scarf.(sexy masculine hee hee!)

double note: I can’t remember the last time I was nude. Oh! wait a minute! … yes I can. Nevermind.


Today #269

Today the new teacher said she’d left a Mr. Big chocolate bar on my desk: it was a miniature Mr. Big.
I thought my desk had gotten really big before I walked 3 feet closer.
It was pretty yummy … but they shouldn’t be allowed to do that anyway.

Hydroponics Gone Wild!



November is “hydroponic giant albino carrot” season in Japan.


These magical vegetables seem to grow out of thin air on the sides of buildings.


What a bumper crop this year!



Well, actually they are daikon: mild giant radishes that seem to make their way in to a lot dishes over here.


note: more info about the amazing daikon here.

double note: daikon were popularized in Star Trek’s The Wrath of Khan when Captain Kirk screamed, “Daikon Die!”.

triple note: here is the other half of the photo from “Edible Wind Chimes“.


This photo captures many common things found outside of houses in the countryside quite nicely:

futon, persimmon, daikon, longjohns, tack-on tatami mat covers, blue tarps, crate of beer bottles, and a little push cart to wheel the beer bottles back to the shop.