Dream Job


When people ask me what my dream job would be, I say …

“What? I have to work in my dreams too!”


note: Why are you so tired today?
           ” I got up late because I had to work overtime at my dream

double note: I wouldn’t mind being a butcher though … or the person who fills those meat vending machines … or maybe that’s in my dreams.


Today #270

Today was like a roast beef sandwich with bread and butter pickles soaking through the bread. It was pretty good.


5 responses to “Dream Job

  1. Overtime at dream job!

  2. I have a friend who lives a most dull life. When he goes home to bed at night he dreams of the day’s work. Poor bastard.

  3. Hey I paid 2 bucks into a vending machie & only got a can of Coke. I wanted meat & I want it now!!!

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    madtante: overtime at nightmare job might be better … or worse.

    Brown Road Chronicles: thanks. I don’t put much thought into the notes … just afterthoughts mainly. hee hee!

    Tooty Nolan: in the past, when I slept too much, my dreams got really boring. I guess there is only so much dream material floating around. Being awake is like collecting dream driftwood on a sea of consciousness maybe.

    Tony McGurk: you should have kept those 2 bucks … and butchered them. hee hee!
    2 bucks is deer for a can of coke. hee hee!

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