Bond Villains


If I were a Bond Villain, I think I’d rent instead of buying;

… because Bond is just going to blow the stuff up anyway.


note: if James Bond had a middle name, it should be Avings. hee hee!

double note:

triple note: why isn’t the ultimate villain in a Bond movie ever a woman? … or a kid? … or Amish? … or Canadian?


Today #193

Today I wrote a big fat blog about Bond Villains’ houses and stuff at work, and then thought of a one sentence blog that basically gets the same point across, on the drive home from work.
Sometimes I have to write things down to not use them.

4 responses to “Bond Villains

  1. I like the thought that there must be a whole bunch of Bond Villains out there who are simply too clever to be caught. You would have to call them something else. Like too smart for movie heroes villains, or something. The coolest lairs are the ones you’re not permitted to see.

  2. Wasn’t Christopher Walken enough?

  3. I believe the second photo is of either an evil villain’s post box or an evil villain bird house. I didn’t even know there were evil villain birds! Gives Hitchcock’s “Birds” film an entirely different slant.

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    prairieflounder: I’m sure Bond would say that Bond villains who are too clever to be caught are just Bond villains who are too clever to be caught yet.

    Tooty Nolan: yes, Christopher Walken was probably the worst Bond Villain ever. I don’t know how that happened; he’s such a bad guy usually.

    S. Le: maybe the villain could send their evil bird to eliminate Bond, and say “Give Bond the bird.” hee hee!

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