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Bond Villains


If I were a Bond Villain, I think I’d rent instead of buying;

… because Bond is just going to blow the stuff up anyway.


note: if James Bond had a middle name, it should be Avings. hee hee!

double note:

triple note: why isn’t the ultimate villain in a Bond movie ever a woman? … or a kid? … or Amish? … or Canadian?


Today #193

Today I wrote a big fat blog about Bond Villains’ houses and stuff at work, and then thought of a one sentence blog that basically gets the same point across, on the drive home from work.
Sometimes I have to write things down to not use them.

Yet Another “Still More Too Much Time”


If you live in China, where do you dig a hole to?


Shawshank Redemption

He didn’t use a shaw or a shank to escape; he used a rock hammer. Bad title!



They stink!


Florescent Lights

Why are they called Floorescent lights when they are always on the ceiling?


Reading is Bad

I haven’t gone to a cake shop since reading Hansel and Gretel.


Learning Curve

Sometimes it’s a “Learning Wall“.



If an octopus has 8 arms, why ten“tacles”? What’s a “tacle” anyway?


Crooked Carpenters

My counter is on a slant. A counterfeit counter-fitter must have installed it.


note: check out the others that came before: