A Big Mop And Bucket


There should be more urgency to clean up the planet.

We don’t have a second to lose.

… a second planet, that is.


note: I have World Heritage sight, but glasses don’t correct it.

double note: I’m saving all the other planets in the solar system; so far, so good.

triple note: I’m off on vacation for a few weeks. One of my brothers is visiting. Hopefully when I get back I will be a better blogging buddy to you all.


Today #365

Today I found 28 yen and possibly a potato chip under the mattress in my fold-away bed/sofa that gets used every few years when people visit.

11 responses to “A Big Mop And Bucket

  1. Have a great vacation! Congrats on the yen! I’m not sure about the exchange rate, but perhaps you could buy dinner now for your brother! Or maybe just ice cream? Or maybe just a piece of candy? Hey, Remeber when we were kids and they had candy that you really could buy for a penny or a nickel? I do. Now it’s at least a quarter for those little snack size suckers at Am/Pm. Ah the good ol’ days! Again, happy vacay!

  2. Nice picture, planetross! If I were you, I’d spend that potato chip before it spoils! Take lots of pictures while you’re touring around with your brother. I love those pictures of Japan through that “world heritage sight” of yours!

  3. Another great line for a tshirt.

    Save the Planet
    There is not a second to lose

    …planet that is.

    You really need to get on these.

  4. That 28 yen is a tip from me from the last time I crashed. (I want that potato chip back though ).

    • Life’s too short Kelly to miss out on left behind potato chips. Which reminds me there’s half a bag of sour cream & chives chips in the pantry so I better get them before Michelle beats me to them.

  5. 28 yen!!! Holy cow isn’t that a fortune or am I thinking the wrong way around? I was thinking a yen was equal to about 10,000 bucks. Maybe it’s a buck is equal to 10,000 yen. OK I just Googled the exchange rate & $1 Australian = 84.2694805 yen. So your 28 yen equals ummm…
    add the 6 & carry the 2 plus 17 minus the 9 times 12 to the power of 4 then divide by pie, steak & mushroom pie preferably, & we end up with a grand total of….
    Drum roll please….
    Your 28 yen is equal to 33.23 Australian cents
    Hey don’t spend it all at once

  6. Ditto bearmancartoons’s comment–we need a T-shirt about “not a second to lose”! I’m down with the sentiment, too. It may be too late to turn our lovely planet around…YIKES!

  7. Hi…long time no see. Hope you are enjoying your vacation. I also hope this planet makes it. We all need to do what we can, right? Have fun blogging. 🙂

  8. Yay for Yen 😉

    Hope you enjoy the visit!!

  9. Wow! Thanks for all the comments!

    heatherteach: thanks. The vacation was great. I remember going to the corner store and plugging it into the standup machines of sours and jellybeans: a big bag for only a bit of change.

    Donald Diddams: I went to a lot of the places I’ve been to before, so I took photos of some of the same things … but I have a bit of an arsenal of new stuff. My brother said the bed was pretty good to sleep on: I’m not sure if he was a bit of a princess and the pea type of person … or didn’t care if there was a potato chip tucked underneath or not. I’ll have to do experiments on him the next time he’s here. hee hee!

    bearmancartoons: you can use it. Just send me a check for a lot of money when you get rich. hee hee!

    Kelly Pettit: I think you usually leave money in the sofa: 2,800 yen to date … not that I’m counting. Are you coming over tomorrow? hee hee!

    Tony: 28 yen isn’t as good as 29 yen, but thorough cleaners can’t be any more thorough.

    rebuildingholly: thanks for stopping by! Apologies for not responding earlier.
    Make yourself a t-shirt: I won’t sue. I’d just be happy to see it out there somewhere. Send me a check if you make a lot of money though. hee hee!
    Hopefully people can turn this planet around … figuratively speaking … I’ve been trying to make it revolve the other way by running fast counterclockwise, but so far I’ve only been successful for a few seconds.

    Doraz: thanks. The vacation was great.

    LC Aggie Sith: the visit was good … he left with a firsthand knowledge of how and why I live here. I think he will be back.

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