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A Big Mop And Bucket


There should be more urgency to clean up the planet.

We don’t have a second to lose.

… a second planet, that is.


note: I have World Heritage sight, but glasses don’t correct it.

double note: I’m saving all the other planets in the solar system; so far, so good.

triple note: I’m off on vacation for a few weeks. One of my brothers is visiting. Hopefully when I get back I will be a better blogging buddy to you all.


Today #365

Today I found 28 yen and possibly a potato chip under the mattress in my fold-away bed/sofa that gets used every few years when people visit.

Air In Bags


Airbags are like parachutes:
I don’t have either one in my van.

… I’m going to feel really foolish if I need one of them some day … for moment.


note: I guess the difference between an airbag and a parachute is about 4,000 metres.

double note: parachuting should be an Olympic sport … but I’m not sure in which one.

triple note:I’d like some air in a bag please. I’m going to do something dangerous.

quadruple note:no airbag please … I’m into saving the environment … unless you have a biodegradable one.

quintuple note: my van doesn’t have a key with the automatic lock/unlock button on it either … I press my key and make a noise anyway … just to fit in. Then I wait until other people aren’t looking and stick the key in the door.

sextuple note: sorry if I haven’t been around for a few days visiting blogs … things are going on … or ongoing … or bongoing … or something like that. I’m like ginger; I’m sure I’ll snap out of it.


notes to myself #111

Man! You are so unbelievably not very sarcastic at all!