Having influential friends must be nice.

Having under the influential friends is sometimes okay too!

… except when you need a ride home at the end of the evening.


note: if I owned a bar it would be called “The Sobar“.
I’m sober and I’m at sobar sound the same when you say them fast … with a slur.

double note: are sober people “over the influence“?


Today #364

Today I realized that I really enjoy walking around big houseware stores
… I should be put under “housewares arrest“.

2 responses to “Influential/Outfluential

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever been over the influence. Who’s that sitting on the ground against the wall. Tey look very decomposed

  2. Tony: I don’t who that is sitting on the ground, but I think someone might sit on him … if they are tired.

    note: do forensic sketch artists do decomposite drawings? … sounds icky.

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