The Problem


People who begin most sentences with

Well, the problem is …

are usually the problem.


note: there seem to be 3 types of thinking: “subjective“, “objective“, and “not very well“.

double note: some people are stuck in math class … everything is a problem.


Today #127

Today was a statement, no question about it.

7 responses to “The Problem

  1. I agree 100%. I’ll try not to get started on this BUT…. some people really are missing the train in social skills. They see as far as the mirror. “ME ME ME” and then “OH…enough about me…what do YOU think about ME”.

    And that’s where it starts. haha.

    Anyways….. What did YOU think about MY COMMENT! LOL

    But honestly… I get what you’re saying…. Some people don’t realize they only have 1 life to live… and just want to be angry at shit.

  2. Once when I was younger and experimenting with social reactions, (and just for fun), I had a day where when anyone starts talking about someone else, I immediately replied, “Well, the problem with them is,” and then proceed to describe some imaginary problem. It wasn’t a real problem, of course. I just made them up. Usually they were totally ridiculous, like “X likes cats entirely too much” or “X stinks up the chairs” or “X puts catchup on everything.”

    In retrospect, this was a very bad idea. I think that afterward, for quite some time, when my name came up, people would say, “The problem with X is that he says stupid shit.”

  3. The guy who put those lights up was obviously inspired by Hollywood thrillers where the bad guy always turns his gun on it’s side as he aims it at the hero – and then gets shot by someone off screen – usually his girlfriend. I wonder if his girlfriend shot him?

  4. I was gunna say “Well the problem is the traffic lights are sideways” but Tooty already mentioned it. So what will I say in my comment now???

  5. I wonder what people would do if stop lights were not universal colors red, yellow, green in other countries.

    “some people are stuck in math class … everything is a problem.” haha! and these are the people who go to public forums to prove they re always right!

  6. @ Sweetiegirlz: Universal colours? What is this red, yellow, green you speak of??? I was stopped by a blue light the other day…

  7. Thanks for the comments!

    Kelly Pettit: I can usually understand another person’s point of view, even if it’s not mine, but some people are just so far out there I have to keep my distance from their views.

    writerdood: a psychologist friend of mine used to ask people who said strange things “And how does that make you feel?“.
    … I guess he still says that.
    He said that to me once and I told him to “Get out of my head!” … and started wearing a metal hat around him.

    Tooty Nolan: I’ve lived in Japan too long; I’ve forgotten that traffic lights hang down in some countries. I had to think about your comment for quite a while.

    Tony: Japanese people call the green light “blue“. (seriously)
    Most will admit that it is green coloured and they don’t know why they say “blue“, but some people are really stubborn and we compromise by saying that it is “traffic light blue“. hee hee!

    sweetiegirlz: I’ve seen a few blue lights instead of green over here, but yellow and red are usually yellow and red.

    Some people haven’t figured out that complaining about things they don’t think are right or correct doesn’t mean that other people will do anything about it … or even care.
    People who can’t go with the flow are dammed. hee hee!

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