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The Problem


People who begin most sentences with

Well, the problem is …

are usually the problem.


note: there seem to be 3 types of thinking: “subjective“, “objective“, and “not very well“.

double note: some people are stuck in math class … everything is a problem.


Today #127

Today was a statement, no question about it.

A Big Pile Of Random


Sometimes I hit the doldrums and don’t see anything funny … or think of anything interesting to blog about.

Then I get a sign from a mail slot somewhere and I put some crap on … like I usually do.


note: exit signs are pessimistic … unless there is a fire … or the movie is over.

double note: front doors are welcome matters.

triple note: Do mail slots talk to you? … it’s okay, but don’t talk back to them … that’s a bad thing … and they don’t like it.

quadruple note: the age of signs is over … just like the age of miracles, the age of reason, the age of innocence, and the age of ice.  I hope the next age is something to do with making the world a better place to visit.

quintuple note: I wore a shirt that said “Maybe” today: I’m controversial … but I’m not totally sure about it.

sextuple note: someone else should start playing Jackie Chan in movies.

septuple note: that means the 7th note … if you haven’t been paying attention.

octuple note: when you wear a belt, do you loop it through your pants clockwise or counterclockwise?
I seem to be hanging out with the lefthanded clockwise crowd.

nuntuple note: sure it’s 5 o’clock somewhere and people are drinking, but it’s 3 am somewhere else and people are sleeping … so it all evens out.

decuple note: I guess I really didn’t have a lot of anything to say … or a lot of anything to say … or a whole lot of nothing to say.


notes to myself #79

Watch out for that nail on the road while you are driving.

In Effluent Company

which one has the cool toilet seat?



note: if you’ve never seen the back of a portable toilet, this is what it looks like. I know what it looks like because this is where I usually do my business if there is a line up.

double note: You can’t see them, but I think there are a few people waiting in line at the front of them!

triple note: I guess I’m like this truck when I drive too … full of crap. hee hee!

quadruple note: if you put Moai facades on them, they would be Moai “heads”.

quintuple note: sometimes crap follows me around … and sometimes I follow it.