Nostalgically reminiscing while thinking about memories of the old days?

I’ve been doing that since birth!


note: I can’t remember any of my childhood mammaries … maybe I didn’t have any.

double note: remembering things you forgot, and then remembering that you forgot and then remembered them, is kind of a waste of memory space.

triple note: if humans could remember everything that they ever learned or happened to them, I bet our heads would be really big … and we wouldn’t have too many friends.

quadruple note: people don’t say “Happy Universary” enough.


Today #110

Today the universe asked me why it was here.

5 responses to “Nostalgenarian

  1. When I was younger I used to need the largest helmet in the motorcycle clothing department. So how come that these days I can’t remember a darned thing?

  2. I forget lots so am now wondering if someone deleted my wasted remembering what you forgot to remember space.
    BTW Happy Universary

  3. Who is Anna anyway???
    from Happy Annaversary fame

  4. I can’t remember half of what I used to know. Actually, I can barely remember yesterday!

  5. Thanks for the comments!

    Tooty Nolan: my friend thought he had a big head, but we always told him his body was just real small to make him feel better.

    Tony: Happy Universary Day to you too! I don’t know that Anna person either.
    When I remember something I thought I’d forgotten, it’s like finding a prize in a cereal box usually. Usually I remember stuff while looking in cereal boxes for some reason. hee hee!

    S. Le: I have a pretty good memory for some things: useless information and grudges come to mind.
    If you want to feel better, just ask a kid what they ate for dinner last night. Most of the time it’s a mystery to them.

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