Adam and Steve



note: The Garden of Edam is in Holland … or The Netherlands maybe.


Today #111 (111 is a single digit really)

Today I realized that I’m an obsoletist.

5 responses to “Adam and Steve

  1. Ha Ha funny cartoons Ross. Nice names for the zebras or are they tigers???

  2. Beer was invented very shortly after.

  3. And then after many beers Adam got all maudlin and slurred to Steve, “I love you man”. Steve thought he mis-heard Adam say, “I love you ma’am” and since he was such an accommodating guy he slurred in reply, “thas or right, you can call me Eve……..

    And they lived happily ever after……

    That is until that snake Martin came over with his new apple.

  4. What a cheezy cartoon!

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    Tony: thanks. I just thought the idea of 2 guys being the first humans in the Garden of Eden would be funny.
    (tigers … definitely tigers)

    Kelly Pettit: you ruined my installment of this! hee hee!

    Razzbuffnik: hee hee! That’s too much to fit into the speech bubbles!

    S. Le: I’ll take that as a compliment. hee hee!

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