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Cartoonists usually draw their own conclusions.


note: if a moai fell on you, I guess that would be a headache … technically.

double note: Easter Island has a lot of head space.

Shady Business


A 3D-silhouette would be pretty cool!


note: a statue of a statue’s shadow would be cool too!

double note: When is my shadow the shortest? … when I’m pissed off probably!
… that’s usually zenith for me.


Today #253

Today at the onsen (hotspring bath), I used the grapefruit body soap and the milk based shampoo: my neck curdled.

Torrential Sunshine


Weather and I have come to an agreement:

it does what it wants, and I don’t complain about it.

Weather or not I like it.


note: why isn’t there “push-up underwear” to make a guy look like he’s got a chest instead of a gut? … I don’t really care; I’m just wondering … or wonderful … or something like that.

double note: a wonder-ring sounds better than a wonderingworm.

triple note: why do I imagine those statues holding pizza boxes?


Today #229

Today I threw out the extra set of shoelaces that came with some shoes that I can’t remember ever having. Black shoelaces??? It’s a mystery.

Left Not Right


You know those kids who never have their shoes on the right feet.

… I think one of them grew up and works at this stone monument place.


note: … unless they are hands from different stone people … or there is a big stone face looking at the hands. I could be wrong; I usually am.

double note: most people don’t like sitting on hands as a rule.


Today # 223

Today I thought I better get back to blogging. 
Not blogging is like belonging to an anti-social network. Is there a “Get Out of My Facebook” out there? I bet a lot of people wouldn’t sign up to that!

Stacking Wood


 I like to stack things individually … or by myself … or something like that.


note: don’t play the Cord Wood team! … That team is usually stacked!


Today #219

On smoking hot days like today, I don’t mind working in a cool basement.
(the basement is cool in a temperature way, not a groovy funky way)

A Coffee Break


I seem to be moving at “coffee breakneck speed” these days.


note: I’m taking a short hiatus from posting for a while … or a long lowatus … or a few weeks probably.


Today #205

Something good is going to happen today: I can feel it!

Japanese Stone Lanterns


When I see these old stone lanterns, I always stop and stare at them for a while.

Some people probably think I’m interested in old stone lanterns or art.
Some people might think I’m reflecting on some deep universal riddle.
Some people may think I’m pondering about what life was like for the artists who created these things.

None of that’s true though.

I’m just thinking if my head would fit in the hole … and whether I could push the whole thing over if I wanted to.

Some people think some pretty weird stuff.


note:  Coleman® stoves don’t use coal for some reason.

double note: this lantern had a guard cat … guarding it.

triple note: is the whole alphabet copyrighted and trademarked? … or just ® and ©? … I want the “P” in a circle … so I can I get some money back from parking lots.


Today #171

Today I remembered the old “pretend to crack an egg on a kid’s head” trick. Tap a kid on the head with a knuckle and then run fingers down the side of the kid’s head lightly, like it’s an egg running down their head. It still has the same effect as when it was done to me as a kid: amazement, screams, and then a “do it again” expression on the kid’s face.



Nostalgically reminiscing while thinking about memories of the old days?

I’ve been doing that since birth!


note: I can’t remember any of my childhood mammaries … maybe I didn’t have any.

double note: remembering things you forgot, and then remembering that you forgot and then remembered them, is kind of a waste of memory space.

triple note: if humans could remember everything that they ever learned or happened to them, I bet our heads would be really big … and we wouldn’t have too many friends.

quadruple note: people don’t say “Happy Universary” enough.


Today #110

Today the universe asked me why it was here.

I’m Only Teething!


I see saw.

… just thought that you should know that.


note: if I could cut the world in half, I call dibs on Google Earths!

double note: sawing Mother Earth in half would be quite a trick.
Ta Da!

triple note: sorry for not checking out your blogs recently, I’m still trying to figure out what an elevator should be called when it’s going down.


Today #104

I did everything I said I’d do today, but it’s left me wanting. I guess I should have said more … or in a weird a robot voice … or something like that.



Sometimes I say, “I don’t think yesterday’s post was very original.”

… and my friend always replies, “There are 6 billion people on the planet.”

He’s always trying to change the topic.


note: my friend says that I am unique, but he never tells me who I am unique like when I ask.

double note: Wow! 6 Billion People!!! … that would be a big dogpile.

triple note: the amazing sculpture is from the same guy who did this … with links to his site that I’m too lazy to copy and paste again.

quadruple note: I couldn’t think of anything stupider than a 6 billion person dogpile for that second note: if you can, let me know. (shamelessly pandering for comments)


Today #55

Today evaporated like chicken wings … if I waited around for chicken wings to evaporate that is.