The Comfort Zone


People have adapted to live in some pretty inhospitable environments on this planet.

I guess originally they didn’t know any different or better.
Maybe they thought everywhere was the same and just sucked it up and carried on the best they could.

… but now most people know that there are climatically less challenging places to live.

Have people just got used to where they live? … or are they nuts?


note: sorry if this post was anticlimatic.

double note: some people live in inhospitable environments … but there are a lot of people who are inhospitable in all environments.

triple note: is there an inhospitality service industry that I’m not aware of? … it seems to be really popular.

quadruple note: planetross is an adapter, but not for everywhere.
… I may ruin your electronic equipment.

quintuple note: planetross doesn’t rely on matches and ice cubes for heating and cooling: those are used for other things.

Heating and cooling are supplied by:


notes to myself #71

You’ll live in places with central heating, wood burning stoves, fireplaces, water radiators, coal stoves, oil furnaces, electric heat, propane heat, kerosene heat, and dung burning ovens.
… I’m just kidding about the dung burning. hee hee!

8 responses to “The Comfort Zone

  1. If you are an adapter, does that me you can be plugged in anywhere in this world of ours? LOL 🙂

  2. Dude… dung burning is way underrated. Think about it… you get one more reason to say “Man! This S*** burns!”

  3. Most climates are pretty hospitable, if you dress for them. That must be why the inhospitality industry has caught on so well… you know, to keep us buying stuff to wear.
    Speaking of stuff, I want some of those ice cubes.

  4. I’ve also wondered about people who live in difficult environs. I suppose they are just used to it. Probably like that tag in the back of your shirt. It bugs you but you are too lazy to cut it off and just deal with it. Yeah?

  5. I used to question it. Then I remembered my mother in law refuses to leave Detroit. I decided people living in inhospitable places was for the better.

  6. I’ve been in some inhospitable environments and it isn’t fun, but I can adapt because I know I will be leaving soon.

    Have you blogged about your Moai ice cube tray before? It looks familiar. 🙂

  7. ditheringheights

    “double note: some people live in inhospitable environments … but there are a lot of people who are inhospitable in all environments.”

    HAHAHA. We herd up all these people and put them in Scotland in the UK. Or Birmingham, if they’ve really pissed us off.

  8. Thanks for all the comments.

    Doraz: I only plug into compatible sockets. hee hee! I can only adapt so much.

    grimescene: I only say “Man this shit burns” when I eat super spicy stuff or attend the dog poo bonfire festivities. hee hee!

    Donald Diddams: I knew those fashion people were responsible for the seasons somehow.
    I threw out the package that the Moai icecube tray came in, but here is a link to the ones I bought:

    S. Le: that’s a very good analogy. “some times you just have to cut the tag and keep on keeping on“.

    omawarisan: I admire people who have a dream of living somewhere else and go and do it.
    … foreigners who end up living on Khao San Road in Bangkok are just burned out bums though. IMB (in my books)

    Tammy: you remember the Moai icecube photo! It was only 3 months ago, so you don’t win anything … or anything.

    ditheringheights: thanks for stopping by! I’m not stepping into this can of worms … or haggis.

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