Another Saturday At Stoplights

Visorman not apprehended


On an IMPORTANT MISSION to obtain important things at a shopping mall about an hour’s drive away, I armed myself with my camera and i-pod shuffle for the trip.
I guess I really “eyed” and “eared” myself with that equipment … and the shuffle was only half full … so it was really an i-pod “shuhalfull” … but I digress.

On the way I realized a few new things that I hadn’t realized before.
I’ve already prealized old things … so I can’t realize them anymore nowadays for some reason that I’m sure I will realize someday.

Ogo is a No Go!


1. I don’t honk at bad or slow drivers: I just “boo” them a lot.


right next to the bean factory


 2. My headphones slowly work themselves out of my ears when I eat food*, but not when I sing**.


Zakka: it's the best!


3. I’d be a pretty good “disfigure skater” … if that was a real thing. I know I can do a “disfigure 8” amazingly well!


for all your car accident needs


4. If U2’s “Where the Streets Have No Names” started with “I want to hide, I want to seek“, it probably wouldn’t have been such a big hit.


always the same observations from the parking lot


5. It is impossible to sit completely still while listening to “Istanbul” by They Might Be Giants.

 Constant Vigilance!


All important things were obtained and even one thing I didn’t know was important, until I obtained it, was obtained with money … which is very similar to purchasing or buying … but really quite different if there is an IMPORTANT MISSION involved.


They stare at me while I drink!! ... creepy!!


The icecube tray was the  added bonus of the trip.

What was the IMPORTANT MISSION? you ask while eating fish products with baited breath.

I’ll put that entry on next. 
I was going to call it “The Next Entry”, but then what would I do after that? … so it will be called something else.


note: if you haven’t read the first “Saturday At Stoplights“, no one is stopping you … with lights … or anything.

double note: it’s difficult to get people with funny hats riding bicycles and the police into one photo … naturally.
The first “Visor Man” is here … or just ask Tony  …he probably knows.

9 responses to “Another Saturday At Stoplights

  1. Thanks for the photo essay…awesome! I want some Moai icecubes. I wanted to do a post like yours but we don’t have interesting things at our stoplights. we have rednecks in pick up trucks… the funniest thing I saw today was a sign in a liquor store that advertised “HOEgarrden beer” and then down the street, the sign for a bread place said “free smells here” they didn’t say what kind of smells!

    P.s. hope you weren’t driving/eating/taking pictures/playing punch buggy and shuffling your ipod all at once.

  2. I’m a bit concerned that “visor people” may be assimilating bodies of old people in Japan! A frightening thought!

    I want to buy stock in “Solver!” So awesome! Sounds even better than Google!

  3. Question: At Air University do they learn to play basketball like Michael Jordan?

    I Googled “Perfectural” and got 4,510 hits!!

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    sweetiegirlz: you should do a post like this! What is normal for you, would probably be really interesting for everyone else. I haven’t seen a redneck for a long time.
    I would like to see the “free smells here” sign.

    I can only drive and eat sandwiches at the same time … and maybe I can “boo” other drivers a bit.

    S. Le: I think “visors” prefer attaching themselves to old people’s head for some reason.
    I was actually thinking of you when I took that photo. I was thinking “SOLVER” could be some kick ass person you go to as a last resort, but never did come up with a suitable caption for that.
    Prefectures” are the Japanese equivalent of State/Province/English County (?) … so any government something is “Prefectural“.
    I like “Perfectural” better: I should have thought of that one! hee hee!

    note: why do I put things in quotation marks and then highlight them? Maybe I have “emphasizema” … or something.

  5. The Moai ice cubes are cool. I wonder if anyone makes Stonehenge ice cubes.

    I’ve always like TMBG’s “Istanbul” song and “Ana Ng”. Byzantium got lost in those lyrics. Not to mention that the Hagia Sophia got a face lift. Don’t get me started about the Turks and the Middle Ages! Ha!

  6. Thanks for the comments.

    S. Le: I wouldn’t call it harsh: just not too many people I know in the flesh or in blogland having car accidents lately.

    Tammy: Stonehenge icecubes would be just long regular icecubes … possibly. … it could be a money making idea! hee hee!
    “Little Birdhouse in Your Soul” is a good one too!

  7. I always suspected that Visorman had henchpersons. Just a hunch/hench/whatever. I heard the Istanbul song many years ago & this is the 1st time I’ve heard it since. Love them ice cubes, they’d make great garden ornaments. But only in winter

  8. Tony: all the supervillains have henchpeople … that’s why they have to rob stuff … to meet payroll!

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