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The Comfort Zone


People have adapted to live in some pretty inhospitable environments on this planet.

I guess originally they didn’t know any different or better.
Maybe they thought everywhere was the same and just sucked it up and carried on the best they could.

… but now most people know that there are climatically less challenging places to live.

Have people just got used to where they live? … or are they nuts?


note: sorry if this post was anticlimatic.

double note: some people live in inhospitable environments … but there are a lot of people who are inhospitable in all environments.

triple note: is there an inhospitality service industry that I’m not aware of? … it seems to be really popular.

quadruple note: planetross is an adapter, but not for everywhere.
… I may ruin your electronic equipment.

quintuple note: planetross doesn’t rely on matches and ice cubes for heating and cooling: those are used for other things.

Heating and cooling are supplied by:


notes to myself #71

You’ll live in places with central heating, wood burning stoves, fireplaces, water radiators, coal stoves, oil furnaces, electric heat, propane heat, kerosene heat, and dung burning ovens.
… I’m just kidding about the dung burning. hee hee!