I have sprained my wrist.

I can’t use the keyboard very well.

This sucks.


note: this is a bad haiku.

double note: I will  be back in a few days … hopefully.

9 responses to “Ow

  1. Happy with the pain
    Samurai would use their nose
    to haiku compose

  2. Sorry you are hurt.
    The pain will soon subside, yeah?
    Then you will come back.

    (My Haiku sucks as well. Hope you can type again soon! You’ve had quite a run of health issues! You need some good Karma!)

  3. You will be missed! Get better soon. We will be here! 🙂

  4. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t type. Perhaps I would dictate …

  5. Wow, this is bad! You didn’t even write any tags.
    Get better soon! (again)

    Haikus are suppose to have a reference to nature, I think…or something like that. Perhaps your wrist is naturally painful. 🙂

  6. Thanks for all the comments.

    It’s about 3 days since it happened and it feels a lot better, but it’s still sore if I use it too much. I may be pretty light on the typing for while yet.

    Razzbuffnik: since I typed this post with my lefthand I guess I should have expected some lefthanded comments. hee hee!
    That’s a pretty nice haiku.

    S. Le: I should keep some instant karma for these occasions.
    At least your haiku was more haikuish than mine.

    Doraz: thanks.

    Dennis the Vizsla: I don’t think I would make a good dictator. hee hee!

    Silindile Ntuli: thanks.

    Tammy: no tags, no categories, no notes to myself; it was a post traumatic experience. hee hee!
    The pain was all natural: no preservatives, sweetners, or artificial flavouring.

  7. My snarky comment
    Would prolly be deleted.
    (If you only knew.)

  8. Bunk Strutts: nice use of “prolly“. hee hee!

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