Red Card

I like the red card idea in football/soccer.

I’ve told you what you’ve done wrong, and now I’m going to pull a red card out of my shirt pocket just in case you didn’t understand me.

I should start carrying around a red card.

serious body odor! red card

bad manners: nose picking at stop lights, cutting toenails in public, saying bad things about Pink Floyd. red card

taking calls on your cellphone in the movie theatre. red card

counting out $20 of change at the supermarket check-out. red card

losing my books, keys, Cds. red card

poor fashion sense. red card

I think you won’t be able to field a team tomorrow.

I might just get a whistle too.

2 responses to “Red Card

  1. Another annoying thing is when people get texts during a movie. They get up, block the screen, come back, get up, come back, and so forth.

  2. Bad blogs — RED CARD! (just kidding mate). Bad sense of humor – Red card! Having me as a friend – Red card!

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