For The Birds … Or About Them


Why can roosters crow, but crows can’t rooster?

Quid Pro Crow!


note: hummingbirds hum because they don’t know the words.

double note: apologies as usual for not visiting your blogs, I’ve just been really busy lately and can barely get on the computer.


Today #368

Today I realized that I’m addicted to “Game of Thrones“. The 13 year old in me seems to come back every time I watch it.

2 responses to “For The Birds … Or About Them

  1. Russell Crow could probably throw up some roost – if he was riding a motocross bike. Does this help? Also, would Russell Crow have been as successful as he was in Hollywood if he’s been called Brian Magpie, or Clarence Jackdaw? These are important questions.

  2. Tooty Nolan: same goes for Ethan Hawk.
    (thought I’d delete the final “e” on the name just to keep the names even)

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