Sea/See Rider


If you want to Sea, go to the ends of the Earth.


note: the sea is always seasonal.


Today #369

Today I saw shadows, but no doubt.


3 responses to “Sea/See Rider

  1. I’ve heard that the sea can be unseasonbly cold some years. When I see my own shadow I only have doubt late in the day. Am I really fifteen feet tall?

  2. Tooty Nolan: thanks for the comment. I think this entry is kind of a dog, but I like the photo.

    note: I guess being 15 feet tall would be better than being 15 feet small.

  3. toni wittenberg

    hey Ross, Toni here. can you put a bigger picture of yourself on this blog? I think a fellow I work with looks like you. Make it a very handsomepicture as I don’t want to scare him. Thanx, T.

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