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For The Birds … Or About Them


Why can roosters crow, but crows can’t rooster?

Quid Pro Crow!


note: hummingbirds hum because they don’t know the words.

double note: apologies as usual for not visiting your blogs, I’ve just been really busy lately and can barely get on the computer.


Today #368

Today I realized that I’m addicted to “Game of Thrones“. The 13 year old in me seems to come back every time I watch it.

What’s That Noise?


When people phone me by accident and say that they’ve dialed the wrong number, I tell them “I’m at the wrong phone.”

I think it makes them feel better.


note: why do we call the zero “oh” when rattling off a phone number, but never call the one “el” ?  That’s confusing.

double note: the last wrong number I received was a backwards 3.

triple note: yes, I did write “dialed” … for some reason.


Today #54

I can’t field a team today: I’m going to forfeit.

Holiday Seasonal Work



 note: possibly the little drummer boy does most of the work.

double note: old supermodels don’t retire … they just go into other fields.

triple note: some people really make a nativity scene in public.

quadruple note: I guess it’s stable work.


notes to myself #74

You grow up before movie cameras are commonplace and your parents don’t take that many embarrassing pictures of you.

A No-Brainer

"Mistah Kurtz - he dead"


I’m not a straw man;

… they make me burp.


note: scarecrows are for scaredy cats … or maybe not. 

(this one just gets more confusing if you really think about it … but you probably don’t want to delve too deep into this … delving is too much like needlelessly looking in haystacks)

double note: The ruby slippers are working fine. You are home.

triple note: I’m off for another adventure this weekend! … so I think I’m saying that I won’t be around in a circular way possibly. Have a good one!


notes to myself #29

The poetry courses you take in university come in handy when you are captioning photos for something called a “blog” later in life.




If there is baby corn, why is there no baby popcorn?

I can see the slogan on the bag: “Every kernel doesn’t pop, but who cares!! It’s baby popcorn!!

I smell more money for movie theatres here somewhere.

note: I bet there are crop circles in “baby corn fields”: they are just smaller and harder to see.

double note: farmers probably use Mr. T. action figures as scarecrows.






Birds can’t be very smart, if they continue to be fooled by scarecrows.


People can’t be very smart, if they continue to believe scarecrows are effective against birds.

Maybe if they drew a really mean face on the scarecrow, that might work better.




note: My mother used to shoot a few crows and hang them from our cherry trees.
Crows don’t like that for some reason.
Maybe they didn’t like the string my mother used to tie them up.