Some people are very objective.

They object to everything.

They are objectionable.


note: I would like to subject objectionable people to something … or another.


Today #145

The Eagles are playing in Tokyo Dome tonight. It would be funny if a few of them were bald now.

6 responses to “Over-Ruled

  1. I object to this post. What are all those objects in the photo? Perhaps you could study them & be an objectologist

  2. Sod off? I thought you wanted visitors!

  3. They may be bald, but they’re also golden. Sod off? I thought that was a British term: Am I rubbing off on you – so-to-speak – with no sexual connotations whatsoever of course?

  4. Tony: an “objectologist” … I like that word.
    The things in the photo are chunks of dirt. I think this field had konnyaku (devil’s tongue) in it last year, and the square blocks of dirt are a result of how they dig it out of the ground.

    S. Le: wasn’t “sod off / sod on” from the Karate Kid movie? hee hee!

    Tooty Nolan: I think many Canadians use that expression … along with other phrases that end in “off“. hee hee!

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