Walden Pondering

What! I have to share a dressing room!


I was feeling walled in, so I went Walden and wandered off the usual roads today.

What did I find?

A  foggy golf course, barb wire fences protecting nature, a squirrel, a garbage dump, a bunch of farms, and a few junker businesses.

I was Thoreauly surprised.


note: this bus was the most interesting thing I saw … but it was all interesting really … but I kept my composture.

double note: I had to get in the “LADIES” door. The “GENTLEMEN“‘s door is at the front, but partially hidden.

gentlemen are up front ... but never pushy or grabby


triple note: Did I mention that I saw a squirrel?   oh … okay.


notes to myself #56

You will always be easily amused. …… I knew you would find that amusing!

4 responses to “Walden Pondering

  1. You didn’t really go in this thing, did you? Are you sure the fences were protecting nature, or were they protecting you from nature — that’s something about fences I always have trouble getting straight.

  2. So that’s where the cast of “The Hills Have Eyes” went to change …

  3. That is a cool bus! You should buy it, fix it up, and drive it around! It could be a fab way to meet women.

    *NOTE: Do NOT install hidden cameras. That’s just not cool, and it’s illegal.

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Donald Diddams: I should have phrased that better. I meant “I had to get the ‘LADIES’ sign in the photo“. I didn’t go inside. It was probably full of more junk.

    Dennis the Vizsla: hee hee! That Michael Berryman always freaks me out.

    S. Le: maybe the Partridge Family used this at one time.
    I never mentioned anything about hidden cameras … your imagination is running away with you. hee hee!

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