Bedroom Eyes


It must be nice to have “bedroom eyes“.

I think I have “guest bedroom eyes“;

or maybe one eye is a “bedroom eye” and the other is a “don’t trust the other eye eye“.

Damn genetics!

note: Can you buy “bedroom glasses”?

7 responses to “Bedroom Eyes

  1. ROTFL… In which case I would probably have attic eyes …. usually closed 🙂 ….

  2. If yours are like the eyes on the cat, you need more than bedroom glasses! Unless, they are sunglasses, then you’d look cool.

  3. I think I have “cook out” eyes.

    “Hey baby, lets BBQ!”


  4. If I listen with my eyes, do I have bedroom ears?

  5. I like your cat’s teeth, he has a lovely smile.
    I just don’t like cats though.
    He has more teeth than me.
    The Mongrel….
    But I’m not bitter…..

  6. It’s alright. I have “squinty, too much reading, computer monitor staring” eyes. Plus, it’s much harder to say…..

  7. Hmmm…I wonder if that goes along with bed-head.

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