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Name Calling


Some people are just born Lucky

… while other people are just born Michael, Carlos, Raj, Anna-Marie, Yuko, Nadia, …

It just depends on who the parents are.

It’s genetic.


note: children named Lucky must have to overcome a lot of odds growing up.


Today #296

Today I realized that I’m quite good at wasting time.
… and playing Zombie Highway on the i-phone.


recessively challenged

There should be more “genetiquette”!

They say it’s a 50/50 thing, but predominantly one parent seems to give more crap than the other.
That’s just bad manners or something.

It seems to be more of the chromosome and less of the chromofew!


note: I think I have 23 pairs of chromosomes, but some are in the wash right now.

double note: good genes, bad genes, and acid washed!



Bedroom Eyes


It must be nice to have “bedroom eyes“.

I think I have “guest bedroom eyes“;

or maybe one eye is a “bedroom eye” and the other is a “don’t trust the other eye eye“.

Damn genetics!

note: Can you buy “bedroom glasses”?